Loan Against Car Johannesburg

When you need quick cash, we got your back!

Loan Against Car Johannesburg is a financing company that is registed with the NCR offering loans against a number of vehicles including:

  • Motorbiks
  • Cars
  • Bakkies
  • Vans
  • Trucks
  • Mini-buses
  • Buses
  • Sport Vehicles
  • Water Vehicles
  • and every vehicle running under good condition.

We know getting a loan against your car is a fast solution for solving short term financial problems. We advise all our customers to not get loan against your car if you think you will not be able to make repayments.

Providing you with cash flow when you need it.

At Loan Against Car Johannesburg we understand that times can be tough and you may require emergency cash in order to fulfill your financial obligations. We started the company with a mission to provide quick and stress free loans to help you in difficult times.

Our aim is to provide our customers with the following finacial services:

  • Quick Cash Loans Against Your Vehicles
  • Easy Loan Applications
  • Fast Loan Processing and Approval
  • Same Day Payments Into Your Account

At Loan Against Car Johannesburg we provide our services in order to help customers get money fast, we know taking traditional routes in order to secure a loan can be a long fustrating process. What our customers do with their money is non of our business and all our service are discreet at all times.

Loan Against Car Johannesburg’s customer services are aimed at ensuring that our services are quick and easy. As specialists in financing it is important for us to advise our customers not ta take loans when they know they we not be able to uphold the loan agreement.